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Grinding and clenching your teeth (Bruxism) might seem like a natural response to focusing, handling pain, or dealing with stress or anxiety. Grinding or clenching your teeth from time to time won’t do your teeth any harm, but consistent, over-use of your teeth from grinding can cause more serious problems on your teeth.

The most common way that people grind their teeth is at night while they are sleeping. Because of this, most people don’t recognize that they grind their teeth until they visit their dentist. Some basic signs of teeth grinding at night are:

  • A sore or stiff jaw in the morning
  • A dull headache when you wake up
  • Your teeth are painful or sensitive

How To Stop Grinding Teeth

Trying to stop teeth grinding naturally can be very challenging. Since most teeth grinding occurs at night and you are unaware that you are doing it, you should visit your dentist in Cary to assess your situation. The dentist will provide a treatment plan for your case, to help restore and preserve the teeth that are being affected.

If you often times feel yourself being stressed out, chances are, you also grind your teeth. If stress is causing you to grind your teeth, ask your dentist about other methods of reducing anxiety. Exercising, seeing a physical therapist, and obtaining a prescription for muscle relaxants are some other methods of reducing stress, which in return can help prevent wear and tear on your teeth.

Treating teeth grinding should be done as quickly as possible from damaging your teeth to a further level. Common problems of untreated teeth grinding are:

Stop Grinding Teeth At Night

A majority of your teeth grinding occurs while you sleep. So recognizing that you grind your teeth might be your first step. If you don’t notice that you are teeth grinding, your dentist should recognize if you are a teeth grinder or not at your general teeth cleaning & checkups.

If you suspect that you may be grinding your teeth at night, you should visit your Cary dentist immediately. The dentist will then review your mouth, teeth, and jaw for signs of teeth grinding.

Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding

The most common way to stop teeth grinding at night is to wear a custom-fitted mouth guard while you sleep. This mouth guard acts like a barrier between your top and bottom teeth, providing a cushion when you attempt to grind or clench. Mouth guards can be fitted and created at our Cary dentist office so that the teeth grinding preventative is comfortable to wear.

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