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Cary Dentist Office - Receding Gums Treatment

Receding gums are gums that have become pulled up leaving the root of the tooth exposed. This can be incredibly painful as the root is filled with nerves, but receding gums can also lead to other problems such as plaque and bacteria now have more areas to hide. If you don’t seek out treatment from a dental professional it can lead to an increased likelihood of infection as well as tooth and gum decay.

The experienced dentists at Beavers Family Dentistry are trained to detect the early signs of receding gums, as well as help to treat patients who currently struggle with receding gums. If you visit our dental office in Cary we can give you a thorough exam, especially if you have any of the symptoms of receding gums:

  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding after brushing or flossing
  • Gums that bleed
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Loose teeth
  • Pain when chewing
  • Visibly shrinking gums

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What Causes Receding Gums?

Receding gums can be caused by a variety of different factors such as aggressive brushing, plaque build-up, poor dental hygiene, as well as a family history of gum disease.

Unfortunately, your gums don’t regenerate as well as other parts of your body such as your skin, so once you start seeing signs of receding gums it is very important to see your dental professional as soon as possible.

Dealing with constant pain and swelling in your gums can be incredibly difficult to deal with on a daily basis. Not only will it make it difficult to eat, it can also be painful when you consume hot or cold beverages. This pain and sensitivity in your gums will begin to get worse and worse as the bacteria spreads throughout your gums.

How To Get Rid of Receding Gums

Even though your gums don’t regenerate doesn’t mean there aren’t any treatment options for receding gums. The first thing you must do is see a dental professional so they can create a plan to treat your receding gums.

A dentist will typically begin by evaluating the severity of your receding gums, and then progressing to a deep cleaning process called “scaling and root planing”. This is the process of removing plaque from the gums and surrounding areas.

If deemed necessary, you can receive surgical procedures such as flap surgery or gum graft in order to repair your receding gums. But this is typically only considered a viable option for more progressed cases.

How To Prevent Receding Gums?

Receding gums can best be prevented by practicing good dental hygiene. It is important to brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis in order to prevent plaque and tartar build-up. We also recommend routine dental cleanings with a trained dental professional.

It is much easier to prevent receding gums before you are diagnosed with receding gums, compared to after you are diagnosed with receding gums. That is why it is incredibly important to practice good dental hygiene starting at a young age to give you the best possible chance of not getting receding gums as you grow older.

Treatment for Receding Gums in Cary

Our experienced dentists at Beavers Family Dentistry can help you treat and diagnose gum disease such as receding gums. Our dentists will evaluate your case to determine the best plan of action for treating gum disease.

Depending on the severity of your current situation, our trained dental professionals will be able to give you a complete deep cleaning as well as prepare a treatment plan for you if you are diagnosed with receding gums or other gum diseases.

If you are unsure if you might have receding gums, or if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, we highly recommend you give our dental professionals a call.

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