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Dental Crowns in Cary

cary dental crown services

Dental crowns are a type of restoration in which the damaged tooth is completely encapsulated by a porcelain fabrication. The crown is bonded to the tooth for a secure fit in order to allow for normal activity in the mouth.

The Beavers Dentistry team can help you if you are in need of a dental crown. We are experienced in providing dental crowns and have been helping our Cary clients with this service for years.

What is a Dental Crown?

Dental crowns are a method of restoring a tooth to its former glory by putting a cap over the original tooth or an implant. We start the process by forming a dental impression of your teeth to make sure that there is a tight bond between the crown and the outside of the tooth. We then cast the crown that fits on top of your tooth. In the next step we prepare the tooth and bond the crown to the tooth.

Do I need a Dental Crown?

Many of our Cary dental crown customers have decided to get a crown because of a broken or chipped tooth. Sometimes patients will need a crown after root canal treatment. Crowns are a great way to cosmetically enhance your smile, as well as protect your teeth and roots from further damage. With proper care, dental crowns are long-lasting solutions to a variety of dental problems.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Take?

To prepare a tooth, take an impression, and form the crown, it takes about two hours to do it in-office. Lab-made crowns are typically sent to our office from them within two weeks. However, depending on the number of teeth and the position of the teeth, the time can vary.

Does the Procedure Hurt?

The process of placing a crown on a tooth is painless and should cause little discomfort. We at Beavers Dentistry are dedicated to your experience at our practice. We want every procedure to be easy and pain-free!

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