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Dental Fillings in Cary

Most people experience dental decay at some point in their lives, which is why dental fillings are a very common procedure that our team specializes in. However, tooth decay has a nasty habit of going unnoticed, so there are lots of people who need dental fillings, but never get them. Fillings are an important part of preventing the spread of harmful bacteria, so make sure to visit the dentist regularly to ensure that a dental filling is not needed.

dental fillings in Cary

What is The Purpose of Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are used to restore a tooth’s structural integrity and functionality. They replace the damaged or decayed portion of a tooth to make the tooth whole and completely usable once more. Fillings also stop the process of decay itself, which prevents your tooth from having to eventually be removed.

The Process of Filling a Tooth

The process of getting a dental filling is very simple and relatively painless. There are two steps in this procedure: The first is to prepare the tooth for the placement of the dental filling. This is usually done by removing the existing decay and thoroughly cleaning the affected area. The second and final step is to fill the tooth with a restorative material, usually made from a composite resin, or “tooth-colored filling.”

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