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We know that these two words sound scary and often invoke fear with our patients. Even though a root canal is considered a more serious tooth surgery, the team at Beavers Dentistry will make your experience pleasant and reduce the anxiety that might come with a root canal.

Our thorough dentists will perform a full evaluation of your tooth to determine the extent of the procedure and treatment that will need to be done.

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What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is an infection or inflammation of the soft tissue inside the root of your tooth. When the root of your tooth is damaged in any way, it can affect the blog vessels, nerves, and connective tissue of that tooth. This can prevent your tooth from growing during its development and ultimately result in the root needing to be removed.

While root canals are a more serious treatment option for preserving your tooth, the procedure is less intense than you might think. A root canal is similar to getting a filling done on your tooth and can typically be completed in one or two visits to our dentist office in Cary. The procedure is relatively painless and is an extremely effective solution when dealing with an infected or inflamed root.

The dentist will evaluate the condition of your tooth at your appointment to determine the complete scope of work that will need to be done.

Root Canal Symptoms

Typically, if you are in need of a root canal, you can feel it. Because root canals are often the result of an infected or inflamed root, the tooth will be sensitive. While that is a common sign of a root canal, here are some other symptoms to look out for:

  • Toothache when you chew or bite
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Darkening of a tooth (discoloration)
  • Swollen gums around the area of the tooth
  • Sensitivity when touched during brushing/flossing

Root Canal Recovery

Recovering from a root canal is often very short. You should feel immediate relief from the pain that you were feeling before and more comfort in the area of the previously infected root. Here is the care that we recommend post-procedure:

  • Limit chewing on the side of the mouth with the root canal
  • If you have pain, take over-the-counter medication such as Advil or Ibuprofen
  • Brush and floss as you typically would

FAQ’s About Root Canals

What Are Signs That A Root Canal Is Needed?

Typically if you are in need of a root canal you will be able to tell because of the sensitivity and pain that comes with it. The pain is typically extreme when chewing as well as sensitive when consuming hot or cold beverages.

Can There Be Complications After A Root Canal?

Like any medical procedure, complications are possible, but our trained dental professionals are well versed in root canals so you can rest assured that your procedure will go smoothly.

Can I Drink Water After A Root Canal?

Fluids are typically allowed after a root canal but we do recommend that you avoid eating, chewing, and biting immediately after a root canal procedure.

Can I Drive After Having A Root Canal?

You are typically allowed to drive after a root canal procedure unless a form of sedation was used for the procedure.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Root Canal?

Typically the discomfort and sensitivity of a root canal will go away after a few days, and will continue to progress from there.

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