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Cary Smile Design

Beavers Dentistry knows the importance of a brighter smile. Your teeth are often the first thing that people will notice about your appearance, so having a good-looking smile can go a long way. Using the latest technology in smile design, the dentists at our Cary office can help you achieve the full, white, and well-shaped smile that you have wanted.

Over time, our teeth go through normal wear and tear. This causes discoloring, cracks, chips, and sometimes even misaligning. But, with the help of Beavers Dentistry, we can redesign your smile to look better than ever.

Process of Smile Design

Everyone’s smile is unique, so every smile should be treated differently. To help determine which enhancement is right for you, we offer a lab created wax modeling of your teeth to preview the results of your new smile, depending on which treatment offers you need. This can give you a visualization of the outcome of treatment, to help you make a better decision about treatment for your smile.

Smile Design Procedures

Our smile design treatment options can vary depending on the severity of restoration needed for your teeth. Once you meet with the dentist to evaluate your teeth, he will provide the different cosmetic dentistry treatment options available for your case.

Smile Design can consist of many different procedures to restore your teeth and to correct your smile. Here are the different smile design procedures that we offer at Beavers Dentistry:

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