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Show Off Your Bright Smile

One of the first questions we often ask our patients during each visit is “How often do you floss?” Unfortunately, flossing is not very common and the average person in America only uses a yard’s worth of floss in a year. A yard should only last a week!

What Happens When Gingivitis Is Left Untreated?

It is easy to skip brushing your teeth at the end of the day, however it can quickly become a habit that will be detrimental to the health of your mouth. Often the common result of neglected oral hygiene is the development of Periodontitis.

Prevent Plaque And Keep Your Smile White

Brushing your teeth regularly is the first line of defense against plaque buildup. Since plaque is made up of bacteria deposits, those little organisms like to eat whatever is left around after your meal or snack.

How To Choose The Right Toothbrush

Marketing campaigns are often introducing “New & Improved!” toothbrush models, colors, and mechanical versions. Our Cary Family Dentistry wants to help you wade through these options and find the one right for you.

Tasty Foods That Can Strengthen Teeth Enamel

It is OK to eat junk foods and sweets in moderation, but there are certain food groups you should eat to keep our teeth strong and healthy! Our Cary family dentist office wants to promote healthy tooth enamel by encouraging our patients to eat healthy foods.

How Diets Can Damage Your Teeth

How do you avoid damaging your teeth and get preventive care to avoid any issues? Dentists are urging their patients to be aware of the products are consume and how often they are consuming them.

Oops! I Chipped A Tooth!

A chipped tooth can cause sensitivity and pain, depending on the portion of the chip in the tooth. Due to this, it is extremely important that you make an appointment to fix your tooth as soon as you notice the chip.

Cary Dentist Office Donates To The USO

This past Christmas, the Cary Family Dentistry filled five stockings for the USO. The stockings, made for the children of service members from North Carolina, included tooth brushes, toothpaste, floss, stuffed animals, footballs, crayons, coloring books, paint sets, dolls, toy cars, school supplies and various other toys.

Cary Dentist Office Suggests Holiday Treats in Moderation

Our Caring Family Dentistry would like to stress how important it is to eat sticky and sweet foods in moderation. Excessive sweet and sticky foods, or a combination of the two, can cause serious damage to your teeth.

Beavers Caring Family Dentistry Honors United States Veterans

In addition to these heroic veterans, Doctors Wayne and Keith Beavers offered the free dental visits in honor of Mr. Donald Charles Bragman, Jr., who recently passed away on July 10, 2013 after his battle with cancer. Don was the husband of one of our own Dental Assistants, Christina Bragman

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