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5 Dental Health Resolutions You Will Actually Keep

The New Year is almost upon us! How many times have you resolved to go on diets, stop drinking soda, take up new exercise routines, or something else only to find that after the second week of January you don’t even remember what your resolution was? Have you considered bettering your dental health as a resolution? This is something you can easily stay committed to in the new year.

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3 Reasons Why Dental Health Insurance is Important

It is a well-known fact that the mouth is a window into one’s overall health. Dental hygiene and health are directly linked to health in other areas of the body, so it’s important to visit the dentist regularly to ensure that you are at peak oral fitness.

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Tips for Keeping Your Teeth Clean on the Go

Everyone knows that you should brush and floss your teeth 2-3 times a day, but keeping your teeth clean between morning and night maintenance can be a bit tricky. As a general principle, you should avoid sugary foods and drinks and drink lots of water. Need some more advice? Read on for some extra tooth-tacular tips!

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What’s So Wise about Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are usually more of a problem than being helpful. The majority of people have their wisdom teeth removed due to difficulties that they encounter when the teeth come in. We have provided a few reasons why our Cary dental office believes you should have your wisdom teeth removed.

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Beat Halloween Monster Mouth with these Candy Eating Tips!

Don’t let the horrors of Halloween candy scare you! Read our list of acceptable candy choices to help your family avoid the candy mouth monster!

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What Is Gingivitis?

Did you know gingivitis can lead to very serious health issues, such as a stroke or heart attack? Learn how to prevent this common and mild gum irritation to help you avoid health complications.

Chipped Tooth Enamel

What is Tooth Enamel and How Can We Protect It?

Tooth enamel protects the teeth from everyday stresses. Over time, the enamel can be worn down. Beavers Caring Family Dentistry provides a few tips to help keep your teeth strong and healthy!

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Dental Care During Pregnancy

At Beavers Caring Family Dentistry, we understand that you and your baby’s health are important. We offer some tips to keep you healthy during your pregnancy. By prioritizing your oral care, your developing child will benefit and you offer increased chance of a healthy child.

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How Does Tobacco Affect the Mouth?

You may know that tobacco can lead to oral cancer, but are you aware you can reduce your chances of developing this illness? Our Cary dentists explain the risks, how to look for symptoms and what you can do to stay healthy!

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Why Do We Lose Our Teeth?

Losing teeth is a natural for kids. But just why and how does it happen? Read the blog to find out!

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