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At Beavers Dentistry, we are proud to be one of the leading family dentists in Cary. Dr. Wayne Beavers, Dr. Keith Beavers, and our entire team are dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care our to all of our patients.  We fulfill that commitment by providing state of the art technology, true family dentist services, and making our clients feel comfortable and worry-free during their visit.

State of the Art Dentist Office in Cary

We are proud to embrace the latest technology and equipment to ensure our patients receive first-rate care! Some of our latest updates include:


One of our more exciting innovations includes using  CEREC to create digital images of crowns and onlays in just a few hours where appropriate.

Digital Imaging

Digital imaging is type of x-ray provides a more detailed look at decay and problem areas, even those located under existing dental work. Plus, digital images can be viewed and saved on a computer screen rather than film, allowing us to reduce our carbon footprint, transfer X-rays with ease, and even zoom in on areas for greater clarity!

Smile Design

Before deciding what steps are right for you to achieve your healthiest, most attractive smile, we offer lab created wax modeling to show a preview of how your smile can look. This makes it easy to visualize the outcomes of your care options.

A True Cary Family Dentist

As Cary family dentists, we know how important it is that children have good experiences at the dentist and always aim to provide a welcoming, comfortable environment for kids. At our office, parents know their children will feel safe and relaxed while getting the best dental care. Whether your kids are getting a checkup and cleaning or more intensive care, such as fillings, we teach them the importance of dental health while making sure they are comfortable here in our office.

A Fear-Free Experience at Your Family Dentist

At Beavers Dentistry, we understand that many people are afraid of visiting the dentist. While most people can work through it, the anxiety is extreme for some. Rather than sitting in misery during a procedure or even skipping necessary dental care, we offer sedation dentistry options. Our sedation options include laughing gas and oral sedation pills to help patients relax during their procedure. Both of these options are safe and we are highly qualified and certified to administer these sedation techniques.

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Beavers Dentistry has been proudly serving patients for over 30 years and are happy to welcome new patients. Our office hours are Monday-Wednesday, 7:30am to 4:30pm, and Thursday 7:30am to 3pm. To schedule your appointment, contact us at (919) 467-0654 or fill out the form below!

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